Credit: Chris Silas Neal

by Eric Pike, Editor in Chief

I grew up in a house in which every room had a palette of monochromatic pastels. The kitchen was pink, and everyone who came into our house, which my parents moved into in the early '60s, marveled at the pink counters and appliances. (To this day, whenever I hear the Psychedelic Furs' "Pretty in Pink," I think of my mom.) Years later, when the dishwasher broke, companies no longer sold pastel appliances, so my parents got a white replacement and my dad lovingly painted the front panel pink to match. My parents downsized to a town house in the '80s -- those days of black, white, and chrome everything -- and had to live with all-white appliances. But when KitchenAid first issued its iconic stand mixer in pink (for breast-cancer awareness), I knew just what to get my mom for her birthday. To this day, it's the best gift I've ever given her.


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