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Ribbon Necklaces

Some ribbon is just too pretty to use even for wrapping gifts. So try making a necklace with your most treasured pieces.

Photography: Burcu Avsar

Source: Martha Stewart Living, March 2014



Various ribbons,
Dual Temperature Setting glue gun, by Martha Stewart Crafts, $15.50,


  • Ribbon, rickrack, or any other trim

  • Hot-glue gun


  1. Cut one-yard lengths of ribbon, rickrack, or any other trim. Loop each piece, overlap the ends by 1/8 inch, and use a hot-glue gun to glue them together. Group as many loops as you like, mixing textures, colors, and patterns.

  2. Finish by covering the glued joints: Cut a piece of ribbon long enough to cover the grouping, overlapping by 1/2 inch. Cover the underside of this ribbon with glue, then wrap it around the groupings, fold the end under 1/4 inch, and glue it down. Let dry.

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