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Statement-Making Headboard Ideas and More Bedroom Decorating Tips

Add easy high-impact details to your bedroom decor with advice from design enthusiast Alison Pincus, cofounder of One Kings Lane and Hunters Alley

What new trends are you seeing in bedroom decor?

I think there are lot of new trends and changes (in all bedroom categories), but the one category that I’m hearing consistent changes for is the master bedroom. Nowadays, people tend to treat master bedrooms as a special enclave. Master bedrooms are no longer complete with just a fabulous bed and furniture. If physical space is available, I often see great sitting areas, coffee bars, and mini refrigerators -- and with new improvements in home technology, lots of electric shades and easy access to music.

What are some easy ways to make high-impact updates to a bedroom?

If your budget allows, go for new bedding and a duvet (plus duvet cover). Since the bed takes up so much space, these changes have a very large impact. Also, it seems as if people aren’t as fussy with using decorative pillows on beds these days. Custom decorative pillows used to add up!

In addition to updating bedding, a headboard can add so much charm to a bedroom. Oh, and you can find fantastic side tables for not very much these days. To get the greatest bang for your dollar and to maximize style, go for vintage. Take the time to rearrange what’s on the top of your side tables, and it doesn’t cost much to put pretty flowers next to your bed.

Headboards are often the center of attention in a bedroom. How can decorators maximize their effect?

Luckily you can find pretty headboards easier these days. But, if you want to shoot for a fab custom effect, find a beautiful vintage fabric (or fabrics) and identify an affordable seamstress. A competent seamstress can help you to transform a pretty but standard headboard into a one-of-a-kind gem.

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