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Valentine's Day Gift Idea: Bubbling Over with Spirit

When it comes to low-stress Valentine's Day ideas, whimsical gifts are my favorite way to share the love. Of course, it’s me, so even the gags get a dose of polish. This year, I’m bubbling over with spirit, and these DIY bottles are the gift du jour.


Making them couldn’t be simpler. Purchase bubbles from a craft or party store, and print labels on adhesive paper to fit -- you’ll need to know the bottle’s circumference and the width of the band in the middle. Cut them out, and get the assembly line going! I found it easiest to place the label’s center first (in my case, this was the heart), then slowly wrap the sides. Don’t worry if they’re not perfect -- you’re hand-labeling bubbles, for goodness’ sake. The gesture will not go unappreciated.

There you have it -- a lighthearted gift for friends, colleagues, or strangers. (For a more elaborate way to celebrate, see my other Valentine’s Day obsession: a wiltproof centerpiece made from preserved roses. It’s just as impressive as it sounds.)

Want to get on this year’s gift list? Tell me what you're crafting in the comments section below to enter for your chance to win a custom set of bubbles and a valentine from me!

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