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Gluten-Free-Diet Myths Busted: Fluffy Gluten-Free Baked Goods

Fluff up your gluten-free baked goods with expert advice from chef Lena Kwak, creator of Cup4Cup gluten-free flour, available in the American Made Market


How can I make things more fluffy when baking gluten-free? –– Christina Hale, Facebook


Without gluten to provide structure, gluten-free baked goods can often fall flat. Here are several tips for adding a bit more fluff to your baked goods:

• Make sure that ingredients are at room temperature. This ensures that there isn’t any unnecessary shrinkage during the baking process.

• Use more eggs –– especially whipped egg whites.

• Consider adding more leavening agents like baking powder (be careful though; too much can yield a funky aftertaste).

• Add ground flaxseeds –– we find that that ground flaxseeds help add a bit more structure to most gluten-free flour blends, which tend to be mostly starch. Plus, there’s the bonus of getting your dose of lignans, omega fatty acids, and fiber.

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