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Valentine's Day Cocktail Recipe: The Rose Noir

Whether you’re spending the night in with a group of friends or with an extra-special someone, there’s nothing better than gathering to cook, eat, and drink together on Valentine’s Day. We like to elevate a delicious homemade meal by mixing up the Rose Noir, an elegant yet supremely simple cocktail for two (or more!).


To make the Rose Noir, we pair delicate rose Champagne with rich blackberry preserves and craft vodka, all brightened by fresh Meyer lemons. The result: a delicious sparkling cocktail, ready in seconds.


Meyer lemons, which are slightly sweeter and more fragrant than normal lemons, come into peak season just in time for Valentine’s Day. If you can't find Meyer lemons at your grocery store, regular lemons will work in a pinch. 


We like to keep things simple on Valentine's Day. No muddling, shaking, or bar tricks required for this cocktail recipe; just combine the ingredients in a glass pitcher, stir, pour, and enjoy!


The Rose Noir

Makes 2 drinks (can be doubled or tripled)


1/4 bottle of rose Champagne

2 shots of vodka

1 shot of blackberry preserves (approximately 3 tbsps.)

1/2 shot of fresh Meyer lemon juice

Fresh blackberries (for garnish)

Meyer lemon slices (for garnish)


1) Add the vodka, blackberry preserves, and Meyer lemon juice to a glass pitcher.

2) Add ice to the pitcher and stir the ingredients for 10 seconds.

3) Add the rose Champagne, stir briefly, and garnish with the remaining fresh blackberries and Meyer lemon slices.

4) Serve in glass cocktail coupes or Champagne glasses.

Note: Contributor recipes are not tested by the Martha Stewart test kitchen.

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