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Stenciled Fabric Valentines

This unique take on a traditional Valentine's Day card comes from Lena Corwin, author of "Made by Hand." Use her PDF and stencil film to hand cut the design for a truly handmade valentine. 

Source: Martha Stewart


"I made this Valentine using tape as a stencil on a small silk screen," Corwin says. "I love bright-red ink on natural colored linen. The motif was fun and spontaneous. I like the idea of giving a cut of fabric as a Valentine 'card' instead of paper."


  • Fabric swatch

  • Martha Stewart Crafts Stencil Paper

  • Tape

  • X-Acto knife or craft knife

  • Fabric paint


  1. Print the template

  2. Cut out the design. 

  3. Follow the paint stencil instructions to transfer your design onto fabric. 

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