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Hugs and Kisses: Free Printable Valentine's Day Stationery

Shower the object of your affection with hugs and kisses in the form of X's and O's with these mini cards and envelopes from Christine Schmidt of Yellow Owl Workshop. Bonus: Add a coordinating gift tag to your Valentine's Day gift. 

Source: Martha Stewart


  • 8.5"-x-11" card stock 

  • Scissors
  • Craft knife
  • Rubber cement


  1. Print the template onto card stock. 

    "I like to print these out at the local copy shop because I don't want to use up all my pricey inkjet-printer toner, and they have a variety of color card stock options," Schmidt says. Experiment with printing on colored paper. 

  2. Using scissors or a craft knife, cut out card (top right on printable) outside purple line and envelope (page 2 of printable).
  3. Use craft knife to score along dotted lines of envelope.
  4. Turn envelope over so printed design is on back.
  5. Fold flap A and flap B over along dotted line and crease.
  6. Fold flap C and flap D over along dotted line, crease, and unfold.
  7. Apply rubber cement to flap A and flap B.
  8. Fold flap C over flaps A and B and press firmly until cement sets.
  9. Write message on card and place in envelope.
  10. Apply rubber cement to flap D and press firmly until cement sets.
  11. Rub excess rubber cement away with fingertips.
  12. For the gift tags: Cut out gift tags from template. Punch out gray hole with hole punch and string with ribbon or twine.

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