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Favorite Memories Pinata

Source: Martha Stewart


By Kristi Murphy

Valentine’s Day is a day to make those we love feel special. Here is a fun way to do just that! We call it a “Favorite Memories” Pinata. Fill a heart-shaped balloon with favorite memories with your honey or loved one. When you are ready for the reveal, pop the balloon and share those special moments again. You and your valentine can split the memory-writing, or write them yourself and give them as a gift. Happy Valentine’s Day!


  • 36" heart-shaped balloon

  • Scissors

  • Scrapbook paper

  • Heart punch


  1. Using a heart punch and your paper of choice, create heart confetti to put inside the balloon.

  2. Print out the "Favorite Memories" template. Write down your favorite memories with your sweetheart. You can split them up with your sweetheart, or just write your own favorite memories if you are surprising him with this as a gift.

  3. Cut out each memory.

  4. Fill the balloon with the written memories and the heart confetti and then with helium, and tie the “Favorite Memories” tag on the outside. When you are ready to share your favorite memories, pop the balloon and read them with your sweetheart!

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