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Love Is in the Air: Vintage Perfume Clip-Art Valentine

Choose a custom blend of patterns and shapes to personalize a card for your valentine. The mix-and-match vintage perfume bottle clip art and pretty patterns were created by illustrator Jane Buck of Foxy & Winston

Source: Martha Stewart


  • 8.5"-x-11" (A4) cover stock

  • Craft knife and ruler or paper cutter

  • Bone folder

  • PVA or other clear-drying adhesive


  1. Choose some good-quality 8.5"-x-11" (A4) cover stock. Jane recommends Pure White Cover Stock from Paper Source (sold in 10-packs) because it's not too thick to feed through the printer but still stands up nicely once made into a folded card. 

    You could also choose a lightly colored or patterned similar-weight cover stock in the same size and experiment with printing the perfume bottles on different backgrounds -- though it might change the color of the bottles.

  2. Download and print the Valentine's Day cards clip art

  3. Use either a paper cutter or a ruler and a craft knife to cut the cards to the correct dimensions using the printed crop marks as a guide. Your card will ideally measure 8.5 inches wide and 5.5 inches tall once cut.
  4. Take a bone folder to score a central line up the middle of each card and then fold them in half.
  5. Select a "spray bubble" silhouette and cut inside the black outline. Then trace around this template onto one of the patterns. I drew on the reverse so that my pencil marks did not show on the front. Experiment with mixing and matching the patterns, air bubbles, and bottles. You could also try using a compass or a circle punch instead of the templates.


    Once you've chosen which way to go, stick the bubbles to the card with PVA or another clear-drying adhesive, using a glue brush for even coverage.

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