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4 Ways to Think Outside the Closet

Don’t be fooled by the name: Closet systems aren't just for closets anymore! Yes, they do a great job organizing tight storage spaces and making them seem larger, but a beautifully designed system like our Martha Stewart Living™ closet organizers at The Home Depot is attractive and versatile enough to provide solutions throughout your entire house.


Just choose a starter kit (72-inch Hanging or 4 foot to 8-foot Deluxe Starter Closet Kit), and then customize it with components and accessories for the space you’re organizing. An online design tool at helps you determine what you need, and installation is easy: Simply hang the track, attach the panels, and put your belongings in place.


Here are just a few ways a closet system can save the day:

1) Reach-In Closet. Don’t let the conventional in-line arrangement limit you. By creating dedicated sections for clothing rods, shelves, drawers, and more, you can really make the most of a shallow space.

2) Walk-In ClosetIf you have the luxury of additional square footage, take advantage of it and build out your closet system over two or more walls. Corner shelves ensure that not an inch of space is wasted.

3) Laundry Room. Whether your room is small or large, installing a system up the face of a wall is a great way to use space efficiently. And our components are well suited for laundry tasks: Install rods for drying, shelves for your detergents and supplies, and multiple pullout hampers for sorting.

4) Home Office. Here’s another place where a wall becomes a valuable space-saver. Customize the basic shelf unit with laptop and printer shelves, file drawers, vertical dividers, and a cabinet door that doubles as a dry-erase board.

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