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Paper Hearts Banner

These paper hearts on a string will pull at your heartstrings; a perfect hanging decoration for your Valentine's Day celebration.

Photography: Mike Krautter

Source: Martha Stewart


  1. Using the Striped Hearts 2-in-1 Deep Edge Punch, punch two strips of red paper that are 12 inches long, then punch two strips of pink paper that are 9 inches long.

  2. Stack your strips of paper in this order: red, pink, pink, red. Use a glue stick to attach all four strips of paper at one end.

  3. Glue the top end of the each red strip to the end of the pink strip next to it.

  4. Draw the remaining ends together to form a heart shape, and glue.

  5. Feed metallic ribbon through the heart-shaped openings in the paper hearts to create a banner of your desired length.

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