I'm answering commonly asked questions about cooking and eating gluten-free. If you're preparing gluten-free recipes in a mixed-use kitchen, here are a few tips that help me avoid cross-contamination when baking gluten-free recipes.


"When you are cooking for a gluten-free person, what is the best way to know your pans and surfaces are gluten free?" -- from Facebook fan Donna Harmon


Wash your hands! Be sure to clean and sanitize all of the shared work surfaces and equipment that will be used. This includes cutting boards, spoons, measuring cups/spoons, and even your oven!

Here are some more tips:

  • Make your gluten-free items before your regular items to avoid cross-contamination.
  • Try to separate storage areas for gluten-free foods. If possible, always store gluten-free foods above those containing gluten.
  • Ensure all ingredients you use are actually gluten-free. Gluten may lurk in unexpected items like soy sauce, gravy, broth, marinades and sauces, spice mixtures and blends, roux and thickeners in soup, malt vinegar and flavoring, seitan, mustard, salad dressings, tortillas and wraps, breaded coatings, Japanese panko crumbs, cereal, granola, roasted nuts.
  • Commercial oats and oatmeal products are often contaminated (choose only certified-gluten-free oats).


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