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Sugar-Free Muffins

Recipe photo courtesy of Bryan Gardner
Source: Whole Living, January/February 2013



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  • pattywdone8616514
    18 JAN, 2018
    First time I made them, they stuck to the paper muffin cups too. Next time I just used some cooking spray in the muffin tin and I also grated my apple (large grate). We found that worked better in the batter than the chopped apple. Delicious. I would like to know the nutritional information on each serving.
  • hana-nakib
    9 JUL, 2017
    Shall try soon
  • MS12254368
    22 JAN, 2016
    I love these muffins. One tip: Do not use paper cups. Just spray your pan with flour and oil spray. Because the batter sticks to the paper, you wind up with less than adequate muffins. But, no matter, they're still awfully delicious.
  • LWhite83
    21 MAR, 2013
    These are good. I liked the chunks of apple and walnuts. Mine ended up sticking to the paper cups, and I wonder if a knob of coconut oil might prevent that in future batches?
    • sabrozo
      22 NOV, 2014
      Delicious! I also had problem with muffins sticking to paper cups, on next batch, i melted a tablespoon of butter and used a basting brush to swirl it around the inside of the paper cups; that worked perfectly and the buttery taste was a plus!
  • sharryb
    27 MAR, 2013
    I loved this recipe. Mine were very moist. I used muffin top pan and made 6. I think it took about 15 minutes to bake. maybe a bit longer. I grated the apple and just had a few little chunks. I like the idea of maple syrup and pear also.
  • AurelieM
    10 MAR, 2013
    I first followed the recipe exactly. The taste was good, but I found the muffins rather dry. It could also be because I baked them for 30 min without checking up on them so maybe they baked a little too long. My second attempt was tastier: I replaced the honey with maple syrup (and 1 tsp honey) and used an overripe pear instead of the apple. The muffins are now moist and soft, very yummy.
  • madmaryg
    9 FEB, 2013
    I doubled this recipe and froze most of them. My grandson had one for breakfast the other day and really enjoyed it, he is 5. I think I will be keeping these in my freezer for a quick breakfast or before a workout. Very good stuff...
  • MountainMontana
    4 FEB, 2013
    Hi Livudrey - I believe what they mean is to fill the empty cups with a little water, since there are typically six cups in a muffin tin and the recipe only fills four. This is probably to avoid baking issues. I also found the instructions a little confusing.
  • Livudrey
    4 FEB, 2013
    I have been making all the recipes for my husband that is currently on this plan. He loves the result so far & have enjoyed the food. All the recipes are easy to follow so far except I am a little confuse by this step : STEP 3 Fill the batter to the tops of the lined cups and fill remaining cups halfway with water. So if the batter is enough for 4 lined cups & if I filled all 4 cups to the top with batter then what does it means to "fill remaining cups halfway with water"? Please help :)
  • j_marie
    2 FEB, 2013
    Hello all! It says in the magazine that one serving is 195 calories, but it doesn't actually say what a serving is. I assume it's one muffin (but secretly hope it's two). Anyone have any insight on this?

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