This simple soup deliversbeetroots along with theirhealthful, satisfying greens.A touch of earthy, aromaticspices, such as coriander andcumin, sets off the sweetness of the beets.

Martha Stewart Living, June 2004


Recipe Summary

Makes about 9 cups


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Instructions Checklist
  • Cut beet greens into thin strips, and stems into 1/4-inch pieces; set both aside. Peel beets with a vegetable peeler; cut into 1/4-inch-thick matchsticks. Set aside.

  • Heat oil in a large saucepan over medium heat until hot but not smoking. Add onion; cook, stirring occasionally, until softened and just browned, about 7 minutes. Add garlic; cook until fragrant, about 1 minute. Add cumin, coriander, cayenne, and pepper; cook, stirring, until fragrant, about 1 minute.

  • Add tomatoes and salt; cook, scraping up any browned bits from the bottom of the pan, until juices are released, about 2 minutes. Add stock and 4 1/2 cups water (for a thinner consistency, add up to 5 cups water); bring to a boil. Add beets and stems. Reduce heat; simmer until beets are tender, about 35 minutes.

  • Add greens; cook until just tender, about 5 minutes. Divide soup among six bowls; divide yogurt among servings.

Cook's Notes

Buying beets with the greens attached -- as required for this recipe -- is a sure way to know they're fresh. Beets are often cooked before they're peeled or cut to keep nutrients intact. Here, the prep work is done first without sacrifice: The juices that result make up the nutritious broth and give the soup its deep flavor and color.