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Source: Whole Living, May 2011



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  • dajoce
    2 SEP, 2018
    This recipe worked great. I made a few daring changes considering I'd never made this before, and they worked well. -Didn't have breadcrumbs; added the same amount of ground flaxseed instead. Would have added this amount of wheat germ if I had it. -Chopped the onions a little big-- this was a non-issue. -Didn't add chives; didn't have any. -Threw in the following seasonings: cajun seasoning, sea salt and ground pepper, onion powder, cumin, dried mint leaves, some good dollops of harissa. Very nice flavour. -Used an ice cream scoop with the trigger. This is better than using my hands, as the mixture is a little crumbly and stuck to my hands and got everywhere. -Used my grandmother's old electric frying pan for a larger surface area-- was able to get more done at once and ensures a more even cooking surface. I hope these help. I am dreaming up all the variations on these that I could make: adding black beans, crumbled tuna with lemon and dill, etc.
    • dajoce
      28 OCT, 2018
      As an update to my previous review, I made this recipe again with wheat germ. The mixture turned out crumblier, so I think next time I'll use ground flaxseed instead like the first time.
  • michiko9201
    3 JUN, 2014
    Tried this recipe several times. You definitely have to add some seasoning to get it more flavorful. sometimes I can get the patties to form and stay in shape and other times I can not. I think it has to be the right amount of wetness? I panfried it and also baked it. I think the panfried version is better tasting but takes more effort. Overall a good recipe that's healthy and versatile.
  • misshayes
    28 JAN, 2014
    I have made this recipe several times and have been unable to get the quinoa patties to stick together, at all. I've tried adding more cheese, more bread crumbs, and more eggs but none of these things have worked. Any tips?
  • Skyedale3
    24 JAN, 2014
    To make this recipe a little more colourful try using all three colours of quinoa, white, red & black. Having used all three I haven't found there is a difference in flavour or texture. Another thing to so is make more quinoa than the recipes calls for. Keep the leftovers in the fridge and add them to smoothies, yogurt, meatloaf meat mixture or pasta sauces. It is an easy way to bump up the protien without changing the flavour.
  • Kuchikuchi010101
    22 JUL, 2013
    How much of UNCOOKED quinoa to make 2 1/2 cooked quinoa? Thx heaps
  • Donna Weathers
    30 JUL, 2012
    WOW! This is the first quinoa patty I've tried and was attracted to it because of the simple ingredients. I did add a bit more breadcrumbs because it seemed a little "wet" and I was afraid they would crumble. They came out perfectly. This is a basic recipe that you can flavor and season to your liking. As they are, I have enjoyed them for dinner topped with a spicy mayo, for lunch topped with a chunky tomato slice, and right out of the fridge cold for a snack on-the-go! Perfect!
  • Lauren B
    4 JUN, 2012
    I made these for dinner tonight and added tuna and grated zucchini to make more, plus my husband loves tuna so I was hoping that would encourage him to give them a try. They turned out delicious. Even my husband and his friend who visited loved them. They used them as a filling for burritos with a little BBQ sauce. I think the parmesan makes all the difference, and I highly recommend adding the tuna.
  • vailgirl
    16 JAN, 2012
    This is my most favorite recipe. If I want to add more calories to this delicious number; I mix mayo and truffle oil and serve it on top! On the lighter side I add them to a bed of arugula and frisee and a squeeze of lemon
  • lisac957
    16 DEC, 2011
    Wonderful! Made these gluten free by subbing food-processed gluten free oats for the bread crumbs. Mine only took 3 minutes to cook on each side, but I did not "form" patties; just plopped the batter in the pan. DELISH!

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