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Banana Bread with Walnuts and Flaxseed

This healthy quick bread makes a hearty breakfast or snack with a scoop of yogurt or cottage cheese.

Source: Martha Stewart Living, April 2004
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Cook's Notes

You can store the banana bread wrapped well in plastic wrap at room temperature up to four days.

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  • prflores3
    4 JUL, 2017
    I blended up 1 cup of kale, 1/2 cup of shredded zucchini, and 1/2 cup of shredded carrot with1/2 cup of apple cause (one of those little organic snack cups) and mixed that in with the banana. I also added in 1/3 cup of flaxseed when folding in the flour and it was SO yummy. I used the coconut oil, maple syrup, milk whole wheat flour options.
    • prflores3
      4 JUL, 2017
      Typos.... you get the gist
  • cherylsuemachg
    13 JUN, 2017
    This was so easy and adaptable to my family's needs! I used coconut sugar and w[filtered] wheat white flour. I loved the healthy addition of flaxseed.
  • fajernjrgmail
    9 JAN, 2016
    I made it with 3 bananas (2 1\2 really because I had to remove some extremely brown parts) the bananas were very ripe. IT WAS AMAZING! Such a good idea to make something out of the bananas that I was going to throw away. We finished it all in 3 hours! I only used one (whole) egg and put honey in place of the other. My dough was a bit thick so I added milk. I also didnt add flaxseed. Yes quite a few alterations but it was PERFECTION! would recommend 100%
  • jmmac
    8 FEB, 2015
    Just made this and it turned out perfectly. Really yummy. Going to make another for the freezer... fyi, I did have to leave it in longer, can't remember if was 10 or 20 minutes. And I didn't bother to use the mixer, just a fork to beat the eggs and then the wet ingredients really well before adding the flour mix.
  • MS12248111
    21 SEP, 2014
    I made and I got very wet as if ready I left in the oven for another hour more and it was still very wet Why?
  • JES 2415
    18 JUN, 2014
    I substituted oat flour (gluten free) for the whole wheat flour, pecans instead of walnuts, sea salt, and hemp seeds because I didn't have any some flax seeds. It turned out great, and even my 16 year old son and 12 year old daughter loved it. The loaf was gone by the end of the second day! Delicious!
  • Annie Marie
    25 MAY, 2014
    Making this for the second time, doubling the recipe to give a loaf to my boyfriend's mom. I ate a whole loaf over the span of 4 days myself.. Breakfast and lunch every day, plus a few bed time snacks!! It's delicious! And I am very picky. Made exactly as was directed, but nearly doubled the walnuts, it was perfect!
  • mpca66
    3 MAR, 2014
    At first I though, oh, this is so dry compared to my regular banana bread (with 1/2 stick o'butter), but this recipe is quite good .. and I will make it again. I certainly like the addition of flax meal to the mix :-)
  • jess-a-h
    13 OCT, 2013
    Fantastic recipe!! I make mine without any nuts and use honey instead of sugar and its just perfect! I always lightly toast it and serve with butter for a light breakfast.
  • shadow_writer
    12 JUN, 2013
    Delicious and versatile recipe! I was lazy and used 2 eggs (instead of 1 and a white), and 1 cup bananas, and added 1/2 cup chocolate chips. I didn't chop the walnut halves. And it is delicious. Would make again.

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