Huge, craggy, chewy, and delicious, these cookies are guaranteed to become classics in your kitchen. The whole-wheat flour gives them a rich nuttiness; the heft, caramel glow, and generous chunks of hand-chopped chocolate make them irresistible.



Dry mix
Wet mix


Instructions Checklist
  • Place 2 racks in upper and lowerthirds of oven and preheat to 350 degrees.Line 2 baking sheets with parchment.You can butter the sheetsinstead, but parchment is usefulhere because the large chunks ofchocolate can stick to the pan.

  • Sift dry ingredients into a largebowl, pouring back into bowl anyremaining bits of grain or otheringredients in sifter.

  • Add butter and sugars to bowlof a standing mixer fitted with apaddle attachment. With mixer onlow speed, mix until butter and sugarsare just blended, about 2 minutes.Use a spatula to scrape downsides of bowl. Add eggs one at atime, mixing until each is combined.Mix in vanilla. Add flour mixture tobowl and blend on low speed untilflour is barely combined, about30 seconds. Scrape down sidesand bottom of bowl.

  • Add chocolate all at once tobatter. Mix on low speed until chocolateis evenly combined. Use aspatula to scrape down sides andbottoms of bowl, then scrapebatter onto a work surface and useyour hands to fully incorporateall ingredients.

  • Scoop mounds of dough about3 Tbsp. in size onto baking sheet,leaving 3 inches between them, orabout 6 to a sheet.

  • Bake cookies for 16 to 20 minutes,rotating sheets halfwaythrough, until cookies are evenlydark brown. Transfer cookies, stillon parchment, to counter to cooland repeat with remaining dough.These cookies are best eaten warmfrom oven or later that same day.They will keep in an airtight containerfor up to 3 days.