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Almond Chicken Soup with Sweet Potato, Collards, and Ginger

Sweet potato and almond butter give this soup a creamy, decadent texture.

Source: Whole Living, January/February 2011



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  • MS10691383
    10 FEB, 2018
    I have made this many times, and I think it's delicious as written. I have also tried it with Whole Foods 365 vegetable stock (delicious--I think I may like it better than with chicken stock), and I have also made it without the almond butter at all, and its still fantastic (and less fat). This is a great recipe.
    • MS10691383
      10 FEB, 2018
      It also freezes well, even with the almond butter, which surprised me.
  • srileydrakegma
    18 JAN, 2016
    Made this twice- first time followed the recipe and felt it had potential, but was a little bit bland and mediocre. Second time, some small adjustments turned this into legitimately one of my favorite dishes ever: -Added zest and juice of one lime into the soup IN ADDITION to serving with lime wedges. This was key! -Added chili paste -Doubled garlic -Topped with lots of cilantro The added complexity and citrus are both necessary to cut the creamy blandness of the almond butter.
  • MS112592126
    4 OCT, 2015
    I made this and followed the directions exactly. I really like it. It's got a texture like a thick, creamy tomato soup. The lime and ginger give it a strong taste that is really good.
  • sarahmroach
    4 AUG, 2014
    I made this today but with substitutions. So good! I used natural peanut butter instead of almond butter. The cheapest almond butter in my neighborhood grocery store was $15! I also used kale instead of collards. I sauteed the onion and sweet potatoes in about a tablespoon of coconut oil and then followed the recipe as written. It *is* lacking in seasoning. I needed a lot of salt and pepper and added a few good splashes of Tabasco. Do not skip the limes! Super delicious recipe.
  • DomesticDreamer
    24 MAY, 2014
    I made this today and it turned out fantastic. I used the homemade turkey stock I had in the freezer, leftover roast chicken, and made my own roasted almond butter. I also used kale instead of collards. Wonderful recipe, I'll definitely be making it again.
  • JUDY0424
    14 APR, 2014
    What a yummy soup ... I followed the directions, with the addition of some red pepper flakes and subbed spinach for collard greens. The lime juice is vital, it brightens the flavor and imbues a lovely Thai influence. One little glitch, when whisking the almond butter and warm broth, my mixture went from creamy to grainy - what caused it to separate like that?? I stirred it in regardless, and end result was still delish but I am curious as to what happened!?
  • JulianaMary
    17 FEB, 2014
    We love this recipe! Made it while on the detox but it is part of our regular meal rotation. I typically double the recipe and my husband loves it too!
  • LittleRedFrog
    10 FEB, 2014
    This was ok. I was hoping for a bang of flavours but it was lacking an undefinable something. It was nice though and easy. Made plenty for freezing and reuse later. The good thing about it is that it's pretty versatile. I'll try it with coconut milk, peanut butter, etc and I'll more than likely make a vegetarian version next time. Because even if it wasn't amaaaaazing-to-die-for, it was good and I will sure make it again!
  • Alexis Anderson
    20 JAN, 2014
    I have made probably half the recipes on this website and this is by far my favorite. It is absolutely delicious and the flavors are all so wonderful. I make it all the time and family and friends are always asking for the recipe! I strongly suggest squeezing the lime on top it just complements the flavors really well.
  • SarahLake16
    18 OCT, 2012
    This soup was so yummy! I loved it. I will definitely make it again.

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