Every drink has a type of glassware that practically begs to go with it. The perfect glass shape can even improve the flavor of a cocktail! Who knew? We've narrowed down our go-to drink receptacles to the five easy-to-find types below. With these on your shelf, you can properly serve up any concoction you come up with (and they look pretty good, too). We're getting thirsty just looking at this.

(a) The Collins

The Collins is a classic glass that takes its name from the Tom Collins cocktail and is designed for carbonated drinks. The tall, slim shape helps effervescent cocktails stay that way long after they're poured.

Size: 10 - 14 ounces

(b) The Pint

The Pint glass is meant for larger mixed drinks that generally have a lower alcohol content, like beer cocktails (unless you're really getting after it). On our bar, we like to substitute traditional pints for 16 ounce mason jars.

Size: 16 ounces

(c) The Coupe

The Coupe became popular in the 1930s as a Champagne glass, but today, it's making a well-deserved comeback in the cocktail world. Smaller than most other glasses, this one's perfect for small doses of potent cocktails served "up" (without ice).

Size: 4 - 6 ounces

(d) The Rocks

The Rocks glass might be the most versatile glass out there. It's capable of handling just about any cocktail, and drinks served over ice ("on the rocks") usually find their way into one of these. If you only buy one type of cocktail glass, make it this one.

Size: 6 - 10 ounces

(e) The Tumbler

A Tumbler is a sturdy, flat-bottomed glass with a slightly wider mouth than a Rocks. We use Tumblers when we're cocktail-crafting on the go, given their easy pour-ability and the way they can take a licking in transit.

Size: 6 - 10 ounces


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