Ice is a crucial component of any cocktail, and the type of ice you use when shaking and serving can dramatically affect your drink. If the ice you use melts too quickly, you'll end up with watered-down flavors; too slowly, and you could end up blowing your taste buds away with high-octane alcohol. Really, ice serves two purposes in cocktail-making. First, while shaking or stirring, it chills your cocktail and dilutes it to the perfect, drinkable strength. Then, it keeps the finished product cool over time as you sip on it. In both instances, ice is just doing what ice does best: melting. This means that much of what ends up in your finished cocktail actually started out as ice! Now, just imagine those old, freezer-burned cubes imparting all that funky, frosty flavor into your otherwise-tasty drink. This is why we're so obsessed with the quality and shape of our ice. While you should always use cubes for shaking or stirring your cocktails, when it comes to serving, we like break it down into two options:


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