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Weekend Project: Create Gallery Walls

The new year is the perfect time for a refresh. Why not add a little oomph to your walls with a gallery display?

Arranging framed photos or hanging a new painting on your wall can feel like a big project. After renovating my apartment I know I wanted to make sure that the placement of the art being mounted on my walls was just right. However, I realized there is no need to agonize over a picture hanging project. If you do a little bit of prep work and follow a few basic design rules, it is easy to create an interesting display in a weekend.

There are so many different ways to exhibit your favorite artwork and photographs–deciding your strategy is the first step to creating an attractive display. I've rounded up some tips and inspiration to help you get the project done.

1) Add pop to a collection of black-and-white prints by using mats in a rainbow of colors (photo above).

2) Instead of marking your walls with nails, use picture rails to display your artwork in a variety of ways.


3) This arrangement was created by tracing the frames on to kraft paper to make a template and then taping and moving those templates around to get the final look.


4) If you have a lot of pictures to hang, adhere photocopies or white paper that approximate the size of the frames and stick them to the wall using removable tape in the grid you want. That way you can move them around without creating holes in your wall.


photo grouping

5) The secret is to divide and conquer multiple framed pictures: Mark a horizontal midline on the wall, and hang all pictures above or below it.

6) Give a grouping of horizontal and vertical photos a chic, cohesive look -- and add interest to a long wall in a hallway or above a sofa or bench. Use the same frame and mat for each, then hang pictures along the same center line, spacing each two inches apart. Alternate horizontal and vertical pictures, using the latter at the ends.


7) A bulletin-board picture rail hung the length of a hallway or between two doorways lets you proudly show off kids' artwork while keeping tape and thumbtacks off the walls.

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