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Festival Branch-Pole Lights

Birch poles can be purchased online. If you want to use whatever sturdy branches you find in your backyard instead, make sure they are straight.

Photography: Marcus Nilsson

Source: Martha Stewart Living, January/February 2014



Clear globe lights, $13 for 25 ft.,
Birch poles, 8', $81 for 4,
Vintage steel half plant stand, by Behrens, $14,


  • 4 birch poles of similar size

  • Drill and bit

  • 4 screw eyes

  • 4 metal buckets

  • Gravel

  • 4 zip ties

  • Garland of lights


  1. Trim birch poles to an equal length, tall enough to accommodate standing guests.

  2. With drill, create a hole for a screw eye at top center of each pole.

  3. Twist in screw eyes.

  4. Place a bucket at each corner of space to be decorated. (Buckets should be placed at least every six feet.)

  5. Center a pole in each bucket and add gravel to stabilize.

  6. With zip ties, attach garland of lights to screw eyes, as shown.

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