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Holiday Party Prep Checklist

Planning a holiday is fun but should be stress-free as well. Doing just a little prep beforehand will guarantee that your party is a hit! Here are my top 10 tips.

1. Burn lots of unscented candles.

2. Create enough space for guests to hang their coats and enough hangers.

3. Display fresh flowers that have plenty of water and are perfectly groomed. (l remove lily stamens as they can stain guests clothes and noses if they get too close.)

4. Play great music—but not too loud.

5. Provide ample guest towels in the powder room.

6. Have plenty of ice and drinks, including non-alcoholic, for guest to help themselves.

7. For children, have lots of great toys and videos on hand. I love anything from Disney, National Geographic or Crayola.

8. Cameras are an absolute must. I love having pictures to remember the occasion.

9. Design place cards.

10. I always designate a friend to make introductions if I am not around.

These are my must-dos.

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