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Go-To Holiday Dessert: Gluten-Free Chocolate Lava Cakes

When I'm planning a holiday dinner party, I am often so busy thinking about the decorations, drinks, appetizers, and main course that dessert takes a back seat.

When this happens, I end up sticking with a classic dinner party dessert –– chocolate molten lava cake. Quick, easy, and fail-safe.

There are so many different additional ingredients you can add for a slight twist on this classic dessert. When I put a spin on a classic recipe, I make sure I am not trying to reinvent the wheel and completely alter the base recipe -- it’s a classic for a reason. This is why I love the simple addition of espresso in the Martha Stewart recipe for Molten Mocha Cakes (pictured above). Make it gluten-free using Cup4Cup Chocolate Brownie Mix

We recently released a new Cup4Cup Chocolate Brownie Mix, which can be used to make cookies, brownies, cupcakes, or molten chocolate lava cakes –– all from one mix!

My favorite variation is the ultimate classic chocolate dessert: molten chocolate lava cake. I’ve been thoroughly enjoying baking and cooking with coconut oil, so instead of melted butter I use equal parts coconut oil to the batter to give it a subtle and healthy twist. Here’s the recipe!

This quick and easy dessert can be made all in a single bowl and bakes for only 8-10 minutes. Serve with your favorite vanilla ice cream or just dust with powdered sugar. Surely a strong finish to end to another victorious holiday dinner party.

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