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Bacon Jam

Recipe photo courtesy of MARIA ROBLEDO

A savory, chunky jam you can spread on a baguette.

Source: Martha Stewart Living, December 2013
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  • sassysnell
    19 NOV, 2018
    I make this regularly. It’s just delicious & everyone asks me for the recipe.
  • Mad Skills
    29 AUG, 2014
    I made this today. Since my hubby drank all the bourbon, I used some Crown Royal. I also used Chipotle chili powder for a little more kick. We like spicy! It was so easy to make and next time I am going to try a different type of chili powder...maybe a little Habanero! Yum. This will definitely be a staple in my home, not to mention how happy my husband will be when he opens his lunchbox next week and this Bacon Jam is on his sandwich! What a treat!!!
    • jncoyle
      8 JUN, 2017
      Wow, my husband will like your version better. Thank you for sharing.
  • xadxadcom
    5 JAN, 2017
    I found this recipe to be kind of weird and gross. It's basically pureed bacon with a strong vinegar flavour. I found the flavour to be overwhelming.
  • HappyCamperWV
    10 JAN, 2015
    I made this as Christmas presents for neighbors and coworkers. I put it in a small canning jar and paired it with another canning jar of homemade cranberry pecan jam. I bundled it with crackers and cheese. What a nice present of homemade goodness! The bacon jam was the most talked about and had the larger number of requests for the recipe.
  • SheriDelvin
    25 NOV, 2014
    I made this a few hours ago. It is simple and uniquely delicious. Use it on breakfast toast or even waffles, lunch as a sandwich spread, appetizers with a rich/creamy cheese. I'm giving it as hostess gifts this holiday. Next time I make it I'll add a bit of spicey heat. It will be great on hamburgers during grilling season.
  • karenetrentine
    9 AUG, 2014
    I didn't have bourbon so I used hard cider and used onions in place of shallot. It worked beautifully. It's delicious and tastes like a chunky BBQ sauce. Mmmmm
  • laubes
    20 DEC, 2013
    To people asking about shipping (though its a bit late now!). Bacon is cured anyway, then you dry it out by grilling and boil it in vinegar and alcohol, which all are preservation methods in their own right. So as long as you have sterilised your jars and get the jam really hot before you add it, you can treat this like any other jam. I don't think this really needs to be kept in the fridge at all.
  • laubes
    20 DEC, 2013
    Made this today and it is perfect! I think bourbon and maple syrup is a bit expensive to buy just for this recipe so I used stuff I had, ginger wine with rum and honey. I also added liquid smoke and chinese five spice. Delicious!
  • fitzsik
    14 DEC, 2013
    I made bacon jam this morning....AWESOME!!! I'm going to use it in those little FILO cups with a chunk if cheddar cheese for an easy appetizer. This would be a little expensive to make as gifts (and you might have trouble giving it away) as you would have to do multiple batches...but well worth it for the "wow" effect!
  • neonwonderland
    10 DEC, 2013
    I have the same question. Will this be okay out of the fridge for a few days to ship?

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