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Gold Leaf-Accent Pinecone Wreath

The addition of golden and bronzed leaves to this frosted pinecone wreath gives your home a little extra shimmer during the holidays. 

Photography: Matthew Williams

Source: Martha Stewart Living, December 2013



Double-rail wreath ring, 24", $5,
Pinecones, from $4 for 3 qt.,
Floral paddle wire, 26 gauge, in Green, $2,


  • Floral wire

  • Double-rail metal wreath form

  • Pinecones in various sizes

  • Acorns, nutmeg, and sweet-gum seed pods

  • Drill and 1/32-inch bit

  • Hot-glue gun

  • White spray paint

  • About 30 millinery or silk leaves

  • Metallic craft paint and paintbrush (optional)


  1. Zigzag floral wire between rails of form as shown to stabilize pinecones when attaching them.

  2. Cut a 12-inch piece of wire and loop it around a pinecone (at the base for a shorter one, in the middle for a longer one); twist to secure. Press both ends of wire together, creating one thick tail. Wrap tail around wreath form to connect pinecone to wreath. Repeat with more pinecones until wreath is mostly covered, placing smaller ones where needed to fill in gaps.

  3. Make decorative picks: Remove an acorn cap, drill a small hole on either side of stem, thread wire through, and glue cap back onto acorn. Drill through nutmeg and thread same wire through, then thread through natural holes of sweet gum. Spray-paint white. Repeat to form as many picks as desired.

  4. Optional: Cover leaves with metallic paint or gold leaf (for leafing instructions, go to

  5. Twist wire picks onto stems of leaves. Place leaves on wreath as desired and glue to secure.

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