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Plaid Ribbon Pennant Ornaments

Ribbons in tartan patternsĀ are outfitted with, fittingly, a kilt pin.

Photography: Eric Piasecki Photography

Source: Martha Stewart Living, December 2013



Plaid ribbon, 1", from $2 a yd., and antique gold cord, 1 mm, 75 a yd.;
Kilt pins, 35 mm, from 70 each, and brass jump rings, 1 mm by 7 mm, $2 for 3 g;


  • Ribbon, 1 inch wide

  • Iron

  • Pin

  • Jump rings

  • Silk cord

  • Kilt pin (optional)


  1. Cut ribbon into 8-inch lengths. Fold each length in half; pinch sides in at fold, creating a point, as shown. Iron to set pleat. Cut a serpent-tongue shape at bottom.

  2. Using pin, pierce a hole through each ribbon at point to thread a jump ring. Thread an 8-inch piece of cord through; knot. Optional: Adorn with kilt pin.

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