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Moss Ornaments

Photography: Eric Piasecki Photography

Source: Martha Stewart Living, December 2013



Styrofoam balls, 2" and 3", from $5 for 12,
Reindeer moss, in Dark Green and Spring Green, $11 for 11 oz.,
Dual-temp hot-glue gun, by Martha Stewart Crafts, $15,


  • Green paint

  • Styrofoam balls

  • Reindeer moss

  • Hot-glue gun

  • Bank pins, 2 inches long

  • Twine


  1. Paint balls green to match color of moss; let dry.

  2. Break moss into quarter-size pieces. With glue gun on low setting, squeeze a quarter-size amount of glue onto ball; press on a piece of moss. Repeat until ball is covered.

  3. Press a bank pin into each ball, anchoring a loop of twine under head of pin.

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