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Block Ornaments

Photography: Eric Piasecki Photography

Source: Martha Stewart Living, December 2013



Wooden cubes, 1", $2 for 10; 1.5", $4.50 for 10; and 2", $8.50 for 10;
Base metal screw eyes, 1/32" (#JF0524Y), in Raw Brass, $1.75 for 12, and jump rings, 3/32" (#BMF370Y), in Raw Brass, $1.75 for 12;
Matte multi-surface craft paint, by Martha Stewart Crafts, $2 for 2 oz.,


  • Drill (such as Dremel) and 1/32-inch bit

  • Wooden cubes

  • Screw eyes, 1/32 inch

  • Glue

  • Craft paint and paintbrush

  • Jump rings

  • Pliers

  • Ribbon, 1/8-inch wide


  1. With drill, make pilot holes in a corner of each cube. For single cubes, drill only one corner. For a chain of two or three cube ornaments, drill opposite corners, as shown. Twist screw eyes into holes. Glue to secure.

  2. Lightly dilute craft paint with water and paint sides. Let dry.

  3. Connect cubes by threading jump rings through screw eyes. Use pliers to pinch rings closed.

  4. Thread an 8-inch piece of ribbon through each jump ring; knot.

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