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Mind-Blowing Bacon Jam

It’s jam made with bacon. Do you really need any more convincing?

Photography: MARIA ROBLEDO

Source: Martha Stewart Living, December 2013


Suffice it to say it’s a heavenly sweet-savory mixture that also involves brown sugar, bourbon, maple syrup, shallots, and vinegar -- and manages to transform a pound and a half of bacon into about 10 presents that can be spread on a burger, stirred into a dip -- or eaten straight off a spoon.


Get the Bacon Jam Recipe


Covered condiment jar, in White, $10,


  • Bacon jam

  • Ceramic ramekin

  • Aged cheddar and crostini


  1. Make bacon jam.

  2. Pack it in a ceramic ramekin, pair it with aged cheddar and crostini, and offer it all as a hostess gift at holiday parties. (Just be ready to share the recipe.)

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