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What Do You Make?

For more than 50 years, Martha Stewart has celebrated creativity and innovation in her food, her books, and the pages of her magazines. Now, we are reaching out and connecting with a new generation of great American makers -- people who are building a life out of their passions; people whose stories are only possible in American. 


Our team at Martha Stewart Living is always on the look out for beautiful, handmade products to spotlight in the American Made Market. You're here because we want to know more about your's in particular. Below is a link to a template to provide us with a little more information about what you make, how you make it, and what makes it unique. 

Download the template here. Please complete one template for each product you'd like us to consider. 

Once you've completed the form, please share it with us at with "Made by" followed by your full name in the subject line. We're looking forward to learning more!


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