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Navy Ink-Stamped Stationery Set

This sweet stationery set is something to write home about -- start with some blank cards and envelopes and an inexpensive set of ink stamps, and you’ll be able to print up some personalized papers in no time. 

Photography: Bryan Gardner

Source: Martha Stewart


  • Navy and taupe cards and envelopes in various sizes

  • Coordinating gift-enclosure cards and envelopes

  • Vintage Floral Stamp Around the Page Set, from Martha Stewart Crafts

  • Ink pads in navy and white, from Martha Stewart Crafts


  1. For the large card (top left): Stamp a partial border around a flat card; printing around one corner can be enough of an accent.

  2. For the envelope (top): Create a border along the top edge of the back of an envelope. Light ink on dark paper really stands out.

  3. For the flat cards (top and bottom right): These are a play in opposites -- the smaller dark blue card has a single stamped border in white, while the large white card has a single stamped border using the same design but in navy blue ink. For a full border along a single edge, you will need to follow the paper size instructions provided with the stamp to make sure the prints line up correctly. Follow the guidelines on the stamp to line up the paper to make precise prints. If the ink is very wet, be sure each section dries before moving on to the next.

  4. For the gift enclosure: Mimic the corner border from step 1 in miniature and in opposite ink colors. Simply stamp in one corner of the gift enclosure card.

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