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Red Hydrangea Punch Stationery Set

A punch makes it personal -- create your own complete set of customized stationery easily with a paper punch. One with a simple motif, like this hydrangea silhouette, keeps the look bold and graphic.

Photography: Bryan Gardner

Source: Martha Stewart


  • Red and tan cards and envelopes in various sizes

  • Coordinating gift-enclosure cards and envelopes

  • Ink pad


  1. For the large flat card and envelope: Ink-stamp your name on the back flap of an envelope, then make a single punch in a corner of a flat card, and apply some glue stick to use the cutout as a seal on the envelope.

  2. For the large flat card and envelope: Make a single punch through the lower-left-hand corner of the envelope (be careful not to punch too close to the addressing area). Choose a flat card in a color that will contrast with the envelope cutout. Glue the cutouts from the envelope and from other punches to create a trio design in the corner of the flat card; experiment with slight variations in the color of the cutouts for added interest. Ink-stamp your name in the upper-left-hand corner of the card.

  3. For the small flat card and envelope: Punch out three hydrangea flowers along the short edge of a flat card. The punches need not be symmetrical; in fact, it’s more interesting if they aren’t. For the envelope, punch out one hydrangea on the pointed flap.

  4. For the gift enclosure: Punch right through the envelope to expose a card in a contrasting color within.

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