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Scalloped-Circle Gift Wrap

Rendered in shocking pink and black, these cut-paper scalloped circles are a far cry from your grandmother’s doilies.

Photography: Bryan Gardner

Source: Martha Stewart


Designer and lifestyle blogger Sally Shim made them using the Circle-Edge Punch and the Eyelet Doily punch cartridge, then overlaid them on white butcher paper to create eye-catching gift wrap. See more of Sally’s packaging designs on her blog.

Depending on the type of box you wish to wrap, choose the method of applying the scalloped circles. Sally created three: floating (large box), half wrap (medium box), and full wrap (small box). Note: Lightweight paper can be difficult to cut cleanly; Sally suggests cutting two pieces at a time for a more precise punch.


  • Assorted gift boxes

  • Matte paper in hot pink and black

  • White butcher paper

  • Glue stick

  • Ink-jet printer

  • White sticker paper

  • Glassine paper or envelope


  1. For the floating style:
    Wrap box in butcher paper. Determine the size circles you need, then cut one in pink and one in black. Position circles, wrapping around the edge of the box; use a glue stick to adhere circles to butcher paper. Type out recipient’s name and print on sticker paper; alternatively, you can write the name by hand in felt tip or metallic pen on a band of paper and glue-stick it into place.

  2. For the half-wrap style:
    Wrap box in butcher paper. Determine the size circle you need, then punch it out of a piece of black paper. Fold the black circle in half, and use a 1-inch circle punch to create the circle in the center. Print out a word or name on sticker paper or write it out by hand and adhere it at the center of the box edge. Position the black circle over it, centering the words in the middle of the cut out center circle, then glue into place. If desired, wrap entire package in glassine paper or put in a glassine envelope.

  3. For the full-wrap style:
    Wrap box in butcher paper. Determine the size of the circles needed to completely cover the top and bottom of the box, with the scalloped edge overlapping the sides and nearly touching each other. Center the circles and glue in place. Print out a message or name on sticker paper or write by hand on a band and adhere it around the center of the box like a belly band.

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