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Lacy Stitched Note Cards

Appliques of colorful paper cutouts stitched with embroidery floss dress up standard white note cards.

Photography: Bryan Gardner

Source: Martha Stewart


Graphic designer and crafter Patricia Zapata used a Circle-Edge Punch with the Eyelet Doily and Diamond Lace punch cartridges to create these cards; though the punch is designed to cut paper in a circle, with a few cuts so many other shapes take form. See more of Patricia’s inspiring paper projects on her website and blog.


  • White note cards

  • Colored card stock

  • Scissors

  • Embroidery floss

  • Large embroidery needle

  • Glue stick, adhesive dots or double-stick tape; double-stick adhesive foam


  1. Based on the size of your note cards, determine the size of the applique you will need. Trim a piece of colored card stock to the desired size, then choose a punch cartridge and create the cutouts using the Circle-Edge Punch.

  2. Use an embroidery needle to stitch the cutouts with contrasting embroidery floss. Depending on the punch cartridge used and the shape of the cutouts, you might make a simple band stitch around the cutouts (dark red applique), X stitches through the holes (yellow applique), or stitches wrapped around the outer edge (orange applique).

  3. Adhere appliques to note cards using your preferred adhesive. To give the applique extra dimension as in the yellow example, create a second smaller applique and adhere it on top of the larger one using double-stick adhesive foam.

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