This billowing gown comes together with surprisingly little sewing. Wear a pink bodysuit and leggings for coverage. Senior stylist Marco Maranghello from John Barrett pinned Martha's hair into a loose updo and then added in extensions and lots of sparkling accents. For a fantastical look like this, he says, "The more hair gems, the better."
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Part 1

Step 1

Make ruffles for neck: Cut 6 layers of 5-inch-by-108-inch tulle. Sew together layers along one long edge. Gently pull thread at end to gather layers into a ruffle (this one is approximately 16 inches wide). Repeat with six 7-inch-long layers of tulle. Hand-stitch ruffles together lengthwise, near gathers.

Step 2

Stack 6 layers of tulle that are as long as your desired gown. Sew them at one 108-inch end in same manner as ruffles, pulling thread to gather to the same width.

Step 3

Hand-stitch neck ruffles to gown. Sew a 12-inch piece of grosgrain ribbon to end of stitching on each side.

Step 4

To wear, tie ribbon behind neck. Leave top 3 layers of tulle loose in front of body, and pull other layers around waist, forming a skirt shape. Pin them together in back; tie ribbon around waist as a sash.

Step 5

For jewelry, spray some brass stamped flowers with copper paint; leave others unpainted. Use jewelry epoxy to glue beads to flower centers, and flowers to wrist cuff, ring bases, and bobby pin blanks. 

Step 6

For wand, glue 3 snowflake forms together in center. Slip beads over all but 1 wire, using epoxy to secure last beads. Drill a hole in top of dowel and insert unbeaded wire (trimming first); secure with epoxy. Wrap dowel with copper tape, and burnish ends with a soft cloth (or spray-paint dowel copper instead).

Step 7

For tiara, use wire cutters to cut open the pointed, looped ends of the wire comb's teeth, turning each loop into 2 wires. Use pliers to bend some wires up, making 3 rows of wires: Leave one wire down, bend the next one up 90 degrees and then the next one up 45 degrees; repeat the pattern. Slide beads over the wires, gluing the top beads to secure with jewelry epoxy

Step 8

For hairstyle, pin hair into a loose updo. Weave a thin braided extension through the tiara, if desired, and secure in hair. Add flower bobby pins. Pin in additional hair extensions of various thicknesses and lengths, as desired.

Step 9

For star hair accessory, slide beads onto star form and glue, as with wand, leaving one wire unbeaded to insert into hair; pin in place to secure.

Step 10

Makeup artist Billy B created Martha's luminous look. In general, he suggests starting with lighter colors and then going darker: "It's easier to build than to take away." For the face, apply foundation to cheeks, forehead, and under nose; set with translucent pownder. Apply blush to cheekbones. Use highlighter with a bit of iridescent sheen under apples of cheeks. Using your finger, apply glitter to upper cheekbones.

Step 11

For eyes, brush a light shadow in corners of eyes, along lash lines, and under brows. Then to contour, apply a darker taupe color in the creases. Use liquid liner along top lash lines and a felt-tip liner under the eyes. Curl lashes and coat with mascara. For bottom lashes, "paint on" mascara with a small makeup brush to get more dense, complete coverage without smudging. Line inside eyelids with beige pencil, to brighten eyes and make them appear bigger.

Step 12

For faux lashes, apply piece by piece -- this is more comfortable than wearing one big faux lash strip. Apply lash glue along lash lines like liner (do not apply to faux lashes). Use the broken-off stick of a cotton swab to position and tap down the fake lashes. There should be no space between lash lines and lids. Blend the lines with felt-tipped liner and smoky eye shadows. Once faux lashes are placed, marry them with natural lashes by applying another coat of mascara, but use it sparingly (remove some from the wand).

Step 13

Line lips with a pencil shade close to natural lip color. Fill in with a creamy pink lip color and gloss.


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