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Kitchen Remodel Expectations

While home-improvement shows would have you think everything can be done in a weekend, the average kitchen remodel takes a little longer.  Here’s how it really happens. 


a. Determine your likes and dislikes.

b. Develop ideas and review trends.

c. Speak with one of the experienced Home Depot Kitchen Designers.

d. Make preliminary product selections.

e. Measure and sketch your existing space.

f. Determine budget.

Initial Meetings

a. Brainstorm with your Home Depot Kitchen Designer.

b. Discuss features and benefits of The Home Depot’s Installation Services.

c. Decide whether your budget will work.

d. Have a project evaluation by an experienced Home Depot Kitchen Designer.

Design Creation

a. Review preliminary drawings with your Home Depot Kitchen Designer.

b. Discuss any changes.

c. Finalize product selections.

Design Finalization

a. Review and approve revised drawings.

b. Verify design and measurements with your Home Depot Kitchen Designer.

c. Submit product order.

d. Finalize payment arrangements.

e. Create tentative project schedule.

Preparation and Renovation

a. Inspect items as they arrive.

b. Clear the area and get it ready for installation.

c. Confirm start date with installers.


a. Hold a final walk-through with installer.

b. Obtain final sign-off.

c. Enjoy your new space.

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