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Kitchen Remodel: Frequently Asked Questions

Remodeling a kitchen is a major undertaking. To make the initiative less overwhelming, we have worked with The Home Depot and MasterBrand Cabinets to identify some key questions and answers about the Martha Stewart Living brand. 

Where can I buy Martha Stewart Living Cabinetry?

Martha Stewart Living Cabinetry is available at all Home Depot stores.

How can I get a Martha Stewart Living Cabinetry brochure?

Brochures are available, free of charge, at all Home Depot locations. You can also view an electronic version on the Martha Stewart Living Cabinetry website.

Can I get a price quote through the website?

Every design is unique, and many factors must be considered when calculating cost. Factors include: exact measurements, door style and finish, wood species, and all the extras for customizing your kitchen, bath, or other room. Quoting a project is a service best provided by a trained Home Depot designer. They will help you through every stage of the preplanning, designing, and buying process.

Can I design my room on this website?

The best way to ensure you are going to get the kitchen of your dreams is to consult with a Home Depot designer. Be sure to bring ideas you have on what you want your kitchen, bath, or other room to include. A Home Depot designer can create a design tailored to your specific needs.

Can I purchase Martha Stewart Living stain?

Yes, stain is available and may be ordered through The Home Depot.

Are all Martha Stewart Livinge Cabinetry door styles represented on this website?

Yes, all door styles can be found on this website. For information on available finishes, hardware, and accessory options, please browse the site or visit your local Home Depot and consult our in-store displays. Also, be sure to ask for our brochure, as all door styles, finishes, accent doors, and hardware are shown within the brochure.

Is Martha Stewart Living Cabinetry available for both the kitchen and bath?

Absolutely. You can also design a home office, home entertainment center, and other spaces with Martha Stewart Living Cabinetry. Designers at The Home Depot are equipped to help you make the most of your space.

How do I best care for my Martha Stewart Living Cabinetry?

Please click here to view our Product Care guidelines.

How quickly is Martha Stewart Living Cabinetry delivered?

Cabinets will deliver approximately five weeks after order confirmation. Cabinets are delivered directly to your home by a delivery agent within one week of receiving the product. The agent will contact you within 48 hours of receiving the product to make arrangements for delivery.

Who should I contact regarding the status of my order?

You should refer all questions to the Home Depot where you placed your order. Your Home Depot designer will be able to verify the order status.

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