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Martha Stewart Essentials

Introducing Martha Stewart's First Line of Nutritional Supplements: Martha Stewart Essentials A New High-Quality Line of Women's Supplements with Six Whole-Food-Based Formulas 


"I envisioned nutritious whole-food based supplements for women who live their lives the way I do, healthily and with passion." - Martha Stewart


The new Martha Stewart Essentials line of supplements, created through a partnership between Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia and Inergetics, a leading developer of nutraceuticals and nutritional supplements, will appear on store shelves nationwide September 15th.


The new line represents Martha’s first foray into the nutritional supplement space and consists of six whole-food-based, condition-specific formulas targeting all females, from millennials to baby boomers and beyond, who are concerned with maintaining health and keeping health care costs down. Women can choose from an array of products designed with their needs in mind, including: Women’s Multivitamin, Graceful Aging, Digestive Health, Bone Support, Menopause Support, and Hair, Skin & Nails, all of which use whole-food components, including fruits, vegetables, and herbs, in addition to standard ingredients.


“I envisioned nutritious whole-food-based supplements for women who live their lives the way I do, healthily and with passion,” said Martha Stewart. “I have confidence that consumers will recognize the high quality and nutritional value these formulas deliver, and that they will be as excited about them as I am.”


“Martha Stewart is the embodiment of health, vitality, and active living,” said Michael James, CEO of Inergetics. “Her loyal fans and consumers alike have been waiting a long time for a supplement line like this to hit the market, and their wait has finally paid off.”

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