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A Duo of Dyed Shades

Bound together, two generic (and affordable) lampshades transform into a modern silhouette that is reminiscent of Isamu Noguchi’s paper lanterns. The shape works well on a floor lamp as well as a task lamp.

Photography: Lucas Allen

Source: Martha Stewart Living, September 2013



Ollsta shades, 11", in Beige, $10 each,
Magna-Tac 809 glue, by Beacon, $4,
Stretch grosgrain ribbon (EB007 52), by Shindo, $4.50 a meter, 212-868-9311
Hemma tablelamp base, 14" tall, in Black, $10,


  • Fabric dye (optional)

  • 2 lampshades

  • Magna-Tac 809 glue

  • Center-creased ribbon

  • Scissors

  • Lamp base


  1. Optional: Dye lampshades in a bath of hot water mixed with dye; let dry (see how-to). Carefully dot glue around bottom rim of one shade, and press other bottom rim against it. Let dry.

  2. With a dot of glue, fix end of ribbon onto a spot on glued center rim. Wrap ribbon all the way around the circumference, cut where it overlaps other end, and secure with another dot of glue.

  3. Attach to lamp base. (If using the Ollsta shades, first move bulb fitter of lower one to its side.)

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