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Dip-Dye DIY

To customize a fabric lampshade with dye, as in “Shades of Genius,” first find a plastic bin that will allow you to fully submerge the shade (some will fit best upside down).

Photography: Bryan Gardner

Source: Martha Stewart Living, September 2013


  • Fabric lampshade

  • 30-quart plastic bin

  • Liquid Rit dye

  • Paper towel


  1. Fill the bin with hot tap water, and stir in enough liquid Rit dye to get the desired hue, mixing colors if you like. (To test the color, submerge a paper towel, remove it, and wring it out.) The shade will dry lighter than the bath. We used two tablespoons of dye and a 30-quart bin, above. Learn how to make a dye bath.

  2. Fully dampen the shade with tap water, then dunk it into the dye bath, holding onto its internal hardware and gently twisting it around for about 90 seconds (do not let it rest on the bottom).

  3. Let the shade dry completely on paper towels.

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