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Frames Wrapped with Ribbon

Wind ribbon around two frames to hold them together -- and give them a new look. The result is colorful and playfully deconstructed (right down to the Edison bulb).

Photography: Lucas Allen

Source: Martha Stewart Living, September 2013



Square frames (R172W16), $13 each,
Cotton ribbon, 6 mm, in Red, $28 for 100 meters,
Magna-Tac 809 glue, by Beacon, $4,
Cotton twisted wire, 2 conductor, 18 gauge, in Light Brown, $1.40 a ft.,
Strain reliefs, $2.50 each, in Brass,
Socket, from $6.50, in Brass,


  • Mini hacksaw

  • 2 metal lampshade frames

  • Clear tape

  • Ribbon

  • Magna-Tac 809 glue

  • Lighting supplies


  1. With saw (or the cutting-wheel bit on a Dremel drill), cut the spider fitter off one frame; this will be the bottom half.

  2. Using tape, secure bottoms of frames together. Starting at a corner, wrap ribbon around taped-together section of frames, overlapping ribbon slightly. To turn a corner, wrap ribbon in a figure eight. (See detail, above.) When finished going around all four sides, cut ribbon; glue in place.

  3. Repeat process with sides, then top and bottom.

  4. Wire lightbulb socket (see how-to) and attach to frame.

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