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Yarn-Wrapped Lampshade

Looping twine or thin fiber around a pendant-light frame makes it look chic and eye-catching. The fiber is wrapped openly to let light shine through.

Photography: Lucas Allen

Source: Martha Stewart Living, September 2013



Triangle cut-corner frame (R10510), $18,
Semigloss spray paint, by Krylon, in White, $6 for 12 oz.,
Magna-Tac 809 glue, by Beacon, $4,
Root silk yarn (N-6b), in Light Gray, $8.75 a 1/2-oz. (buy 2),
Cotton twisted wire, 2 conductor, 18 gauge, in White, $1.40 a ft.,
Strain reliefs, $2 each, and socket, from $4, both in Black,


  • Metal lampshade frame

  • Spray paint

  • Yarn

  • Magna-Tac 809 glue

  • Lighting supplies


  1. Spray-paint metal frame. Let dry.

  2. Knot one end of yarn around top of frame. Pull other end down, loop around bottom of frame, then pull back up and loop around top of frame again, always looping in same direction. (See detail, above.)

  3. Continue looping until frame is completely covered. If you need to add a new piece of yarn, hold tail of knot against frame and conceal it as you wrap and loop. When finished, knot and secure end with a dot of glue.

  4. Wire lightbulb socket (see how-to); attach to frame.

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