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Hardware Jewelry Supplies Glossary

Aluminum Sleeves

Though technically made to tie off or join the ends of wire cable, the sleeves can serve the same purpose with cotton rope or cord and are available in several sizes.

Cotton Cable Cord

This thin 1/16-inch cord gets its strength from three twisted strands, but it is delicate enough for threading through small hex nuts to make jewelry.

Cotton Rope

Perhaps more commonly recognized as clothesline, this 3/16-inch rope also works for stringing nuts as beads.

Cotton String

The thinnest of cotton cordings, this string is used to bind thicker pieces of rope.

Hex Nuts

Made to secure bolts, these threaded fasteners work beautifully as beads and are available in a range of sizes and metal types.

Jack Chain

Wrought in airy figure-eight links, this lightweight chain typically is used to hang light fixtures and signs but also looks lovely as jewelry links. It is available in different link sizes and finishes.


One of the most basic fasteners, S-hooks commonly suspend everything from hanging plants to pots and pans; they make a simple closure for bracelets and necklaces.

Thumb Nuts

These nuts can be tightened by hand, thanks to their “knurled” (ridged) edges. The ridging gives them an attractive texture as beads to layer with regular nuts on a necklace or bracelet.

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