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Brass-Nut Bracelet

Be inspired by the inexpensive everyday materials you find in a hardware store -- and string brass “beads” (really wing nuts, thumb nuts, and hex nuts) on cotton cord to craft a bracelet with a cool industrial vibe.

Photography: Bryan Gardner

Source: Martha Stewart


  • 10-inch piece of 1/16-inch cotton cable cord

  • Ruler

  • Two small brass wing nuts

  • Two small brass thumb nuts

  • Three M5-size brass hex nuts

  • Scissors

  • All-purpose clear-drying white glue


  1. Fold cord in half so ends meet.

  2. Knot the folded end to form a 1/4-inch loop to create the bracelet closure.

  3. Measure 3 inches down the cord from the looped knot and make another knot.

  4. Thread both cord ends together through nuts in the following sequence: wing nut (through winged side), thumb nut (through smaller side), all three hex nuts, thumb nut (through knurled side), wing nut (through circular side).

  5. Make another knot in between the second wing nut’s wings to hold all the nuts in place against each other.

  6. Measure 3 inches down the remainder of the cords and make a knot. Trim cord ends. Add glue to knot to secure; allow to dry.

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