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Twisted-Rope Necklace

Here’s a simply chic necklace with an unexpected twist -- it’s made of materials commonly found in the hardware store. All you need to make your own is a length of cotton rope and a pair of aluminum sleeves and glue.

Photography: Bryan Gardner

Source: Martha Stewart


  • 64-inch piece of 3/16-inch cotton rope

  • Two 1/4-inch aluminum sleeves

  • All-purpose clear-drying white glue

  • Scissors


  1. Holding one end of the rope tightly, twist the other until the rope is very twisted.  Fold rope in half and allow it to twist around itself.

  2. Thread folded end through one of the aluminum sleeves until a 1-inch loop forms on the other side. Glue around sleeve edges to secure cord and allow to dry.

  3. Thread both cord ends together through the second aluminum sleeve until 2 inches of each cord appear through the other side.

  4. Trim one of the cords, and pull the sleeve back over it slightly until the cut end is hidden halfway inside the sleeve; add glue inside the sleeve to secure the cord. Allow to dry.

  5. Thread remaining cord end through the loop you formed with the first aluminum sleeve in step 2.

  6. Add more glue inside the second aluminum sleeve where the other cord end is hidden and insert remaining cord end into the sleeve to create a second loop to close the necklace. Allow to dry.

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