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Spaced-Hex-Nut Necklace

Your local hardware store is a surprising source for the supplies to make this delicate necklace. A length of cotton cord is the base, tiny steel hex nuts become beads, and an S-hook serves as the closure.

Photography: Bryan Gardner

Source: Martha Stewart


  • 20-inch piece of 1/16-inch cotton cable cord

  • Two 1/16-inch aluminum sleeves

  • All-purpose clear-drying white glue

  • Five M4-size steel hex nuts

  • Scissors

  • 1/8-inch S-hook


  1. Fold cord in half so ends meet. Push folded end of cord through one end of aluminum sleeve until a 1/4-inch loop forms on the other side. Glue around sleeve edges to secure cord and allow to dry.

  2. Thread both cord ends together through the hex nuts one by one, spacing them out at even intervals approximately 2 1/2 inches apart. 

  3. Thread both cord ends together through remaining aluminum sleeve until 1/2 inch of each cord appears through the other side.

  4. Trim one of the cords, and pull the sleeve back over it slightly until the cut end is hidden halfway inside the sleeve; add glue inside the sleeve to secure the cord. Allow to dry.

  5. Add more glue inside the second aluminum sleeve where the cord end is hidden and insert remaining cord end to meet the other and create a second loop Allow to dry.

  6. Check placement of the hex nuts. Once you are satisfied, add a drop of glue to secure them in place. Allow to dry.

  7. Hook loops onto ends of S-hook.

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