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Cardboard Worlds

With these easy-to-build, fold-away cardboard structures, you can create a host of charming little playscapes. We set up a living room, classroom, and barn, but there’s no end to what you can make.

Photography: Annie Schlechter

Source: Martha Stewart


  • Pencil

  • Corrugated cardboard (box or sheet)

  • Box cutter

  • Wallpaper or other decorative papers

  • Wood veneer (for floor; optional)

  • Yarn or heavy twine

  • Dollhouse furniture and accessories (store-bought or homemade)


  1. Cut out templates and trace onto corrugated cardboard. An adult should use the box cutter to cut out pieces.

  2. Cut wallpaper to fit and attach to cardboard with glue, and/or paint the walls, as desired. Let dry.

  3. Use a hole punch to punch two holes on each end of the long wall (11/2 inches from top and bottom of cardboard), and two on one end of each short wall at corresponding heights. Tie pieces together with yarn or twine to make hinged walls. Ask an adult to cut holes for a door and windows as desired, then hinge the door with holes and yarn as for the walls.

  4. Set up the house on a “floor” of wood-veneer or colored paper, if desired, then add furniture, dolls, and other accessories.

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