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Customized Party Cups

Martha Stewart Living, July/August 2013


Plain paper cups
Watercolor paints
Colored masking tape
Washi tape

At your next casual gathering, set up a table with enough plain paper cups for all your guests, plus any or all of the supplies listed. Before partygoers get themselves a beverage, encourage them (or the kids) to get creative. They can paint a design with watercolors (which only take a few minutes to dry), make stripes with colorful tape, or write their names on labels. ID clear plastic cups with tape or labels.

With watercolors, plain matte office-supply cups yield the best results. (The paint won’t adhere to wax-coated ones.)


White cups, 35 cents each,
Round kitchen labels, from $6 for 36, by Martha Stewart Home Office With Avery,
Classic removable labels with blue and green borders, from $3 for 18, by Martha Stewart Home Office With Avery,

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